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    Enlightenment is a revolutionary way of using magnets to create the illuson of levitating a playing card or a dollar note.

    This 100 page book gives you all of the details. Learn the back history, how a simple advertsement in a catalog inspired the idea. Learn how to operate the gimmick, how to install it in a deck of cards, and how to use it to make a dollar bill float.

    You'll still need to purchase (or manufacture) a gimmick in order to perform this, but if you've been teetering on the edge, wondering if ENLIGHTENMENT is right for, this fascinating read may hold the answers.

    "Ben...what a beautiful thing you have created here. The moment that card breaks free from gravity in the spectator's hand is quite the joyous event."
    - Paul Harris

    "Everything you need to start a new religion. I'm having so much fun with this..."
    - Nathan Kranzo

    Pages: 100 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format

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