Wild About Harry by Aldo Colombini video DOWNLOAD

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    Magic with a Young Wizard Theme! b

    Baffling Book - A wonderful book test using Harry's book!

    Thru the Wall - A solid wall is shown. Suddenly a hole appears in the wall!

    Owl Mail - The white owls deliver a special greeting!

    Floating Feather - A feather magically floats on an open book!

    Sorcerer's Stone - A routine suing five ancient 'runes!'

    Sorcerer's Surprise - Strong magic with two sets of ten cards each!

    Jumbo Surprise - You predict a FREELY selected picture!

    Money Die Box - A coin vanishes and reappears elsewhere. Lots of comedy!

    Spoon spinner - Two spoons: One spins at the bottom of the other in mid air!

    Diagonally - A card is selected among nine and matches your prediction!

    Marauder's Map - A nine-piece map is used for stunning prediction!

    Running Time Approximately 51min

    Tags: Card Magic, Streaming and Downloads, Colombini, Aldo, Wild-Colombini Magic

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