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    There are so many benefits of using CRISIS. Some include:
    • To stay economical at those unpaid charity gigs we all do.
    • To be less worried about the facilities available (or unavailable) at small venues.
    • To still be able to perform a great show, even if plagued by unfortunate, lost-luggage situations.
    • To have a compact, yet expandable, show for unexpected impromptu gigs.
    Lots of other such circumstances are the reasons behind the existence of CRISIS.

    CRISIS is a 20-30 minute set of SEMI-SCRIPTED and FIELD-TESTED MENTALISM (predictions and mind reading). It uses nothing except a 3x3 inch POST-IT PAD and A MARKER, and 3 minutes of preparation (no arts and crafts).
    • Simple, direct and to the point
    • No language barriers
    • No psy-forces
    • No gimmicks/accessories
    • Nothing related to playing cards
    Here are its CONTENTS:

    GAME: A three phase "Which hand?" game, with a kicker ending.

    LOCATION: A participant's two simple and free choices are predicted before they even think of making them.

    O DEAR!: A "Living and Dead" test with happy thoughts and Post-It Notes

    4 THOUGHTS: 4 people are asked to think of something about a person not present in the room. Before they say it, the performer reads each of their minds, writes down his thoughts, and reveals everything at the end to be a perfect match.

    Each of these tricks/effects perfectly gel into each other and come with a few ADDITIONAL IDEAS to expand the duration of the performance. Apart from the PDF, you'll also find a supplementary video to make its contents even easier to learn.

    Pages: 26

    Video: 7 minutes

    Tags: Close Up Performer, Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Street Performer, Walk Around Performer, Streaming and Downloads, Abhinav Bothra, Abhinav Bothra

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