Osmosis (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Rodrigo Romano and Mysteries - Trick

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    Magic that happens in the spectator's own hand generates strong reactions. This effect does this in spades!

    "Clear, straightforward, visual. The kind of magic I like!"
    - Henry Evans

    From the creator of "Vertigo" and "Odyssey", Osmosis is coming: a link between a ring and a rubber band, so disconcerting and visual, that both materials will seem permeable.

    Conditions are extreme: you give someone the rubber band to examine and you ask for a ring from someone in the audience. The spectator grabs the rubber band and the ring (both clearly appear to be separated) and then the spectator closes his or her hand. When the spectator opens the hand, the ring is now interlaced with the rubber band. Everything happens in the spectator's hand! And there's more. The ring can separate from the rubber band many times. It is extremely visual.

    How is it possible? By Osmosis


    1. You hand out the rubber band for examination
    2. The ring belongs to someone in the audience
    3. It is not an optical effect
    4. And also... the rubber band can be given away!


    1. A specially designed gimmick
    2. Online instructions
    3. Different routines and hyper-visual effects

    Easy to do
    Instant reset
    Ideal for always carrying with you
    Skill Level Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Close Up Performer, Street Performer, Walk Around Performer, Beginner, Intermediate, Martin Braessas

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