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    Random World allows you to know the color of the cards that the spectators select even before they take them out of the deck!

    Created by Tiago Guerra and kept secret for 3 years, now he has decided to reveal this very simple but very effective method to predict the color of the cards that the spectators choose.

    Possible Routine:

    - You write down a prediction on a piece of paper
    - The spectators select several random cards from the deck
    - You show your prediction, upon which is written the color of the cards
    - You turn over the cards and they are, indeed, the same color as that named in the prediction

    Random World is a totally impromptu effect, and everything can be borrowed from the spectators.

    This 12-minute tutorial teaches you how to perform this amazing effect.

    Multiple variations of the method are taught.

    Download the video and learn Random World today!

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