Sharp Shot by Taiwan Ben - Trick

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    The ULTIMATE Sharpie through borrowed dollar bill.

    "This Sharpie looks so innocent, yet it is a superb, modern Pen To Bill!"
    - Yif

    Sharp Shot
    is the most powerful, reliable, and VISUAL Sharpie Through Bill yet. Borrow a bill and puncture it with the Sharpie. With both of your hands empty, the spectator can actually see the tip of the marker penetrate the borrowed dollar. When the Sharpie is removed, there is NO puncture in the bill! This is visual magic with a borrowed dollar like you have never seen before.

    High quality gimmick.
    Expert instruction.
    Tons of performance tips.
    Skill Level Beginner

    Tags: Money Magic, Street Performer, Beginner, Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

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