Street Monte by G Sparks - TRICK

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    A Monte Routine with Bottle Caps and a Coin, (USA Quarter Size)

    The included Black Velvet Pad, (4" x 5 1/2") is your working surface and is used to carry the props. No matter where you place the coin, your Audience, will never find it.

    Appear and Vanish the coin as often as you like.
    You can even have the coin Completely Vanish and Appear from your pocket.

    This Mechanical Monte, Lets the Bottle Caps and the Pad do most of the work.
    Dealers will love this Visual and Easy to Demo Monte.
    Yes you can pass out the coin.
    Yes you can use different bottle caps.

    Comes ready for the Magic, just add your own coin.

    Now with how to link.
    Skill Level Beginner

    Tags: Street Performer, Beginner, G Sparks, G Sparks Magic

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