The Regal Ring Chain (DVD and Gimmick) by David Regal - DVD

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    What has more impact than performing a stunning effec with a cherished object?

    Fashioned by a commercial jeweler, The Regal Ring Chain is a specially designed prop that enables the performer to secretly introduce a borrowed ring onto a stainless steel neck chain.

    Just as magician's wallets are altered to facilitate the insertion of a playing card, The Regal Ring Chain is an elegant accessory that allows the performer to slowly remove a chain from his neck...and reveal a vanished ring hanging from its center.

    Resets in seconds.
    Delivers a moment they will remember forever.

    Includes instructional DVD.
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Close Up Performer, Street Performer, Intermediate, Regal, David, Blue Bikes Prods - David Regal

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