Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles by William V. Rauscher - Book

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    This book is a tribute to one of the world's greatest escape artists. He traveled the world defying police authorities to shackle his body in handcuffs and leg irons, or to lock him in the darkest jail cells, none of which could hold him. He nightly escaped from a giant padlocked and water-filled milk can. During the day he freed himself from an ironbound wooden crate as it sank to the bottom of murky rivers and swift oceans. Metal "Crazy Cribs" used on the murderously insane could not hold him. The inescapable steel "Tramp Chair" was child's play to "The Monarch of Manacles."

    You'll love this incredible account, and will find it inspirational as well!

    150 + pages
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Theory, History and Business, No Skill Required, Zanadu

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