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    Deluxe Magic Set
    by Las Vegas Magic Company

    A Complete Magic Show in a Box!

    Professional Magic Tricks...Made Easy. Over 350 Magic Effects.

    Kit Includes:
    • The Ultimate Levitation System

      Learn the underground secrets of close-up levitations! With the secret levitation apparatus provided, you will soon be performing the greatest close-up levitations in the world!
    • Stripper Deck

      Card tricks with the Stripper Deck will make you look like a card shark. Find the four Aces, deal a Royal Flush and more with this secret Gambler's trick deck.
    • 3 Rope Mystery

      Three ropes of different sizes are magically stretched to the same length! Learn to perform this amazing rope mystery in no time!
    • One Hundred Dollar Switch

      Instructions an secret gimmick included will enable you to perform the amazing "One Hundred Dollar Bill Switch", the most visual money changing effect around!
    • Svengali Deck

      Perform unbelievable card tricks with the legendary Svengali Deck of cards. Astound your friends with impossible card locations, transpositions and more!
    • Comedy Torn And Restored Newspaper

      A hilarious sucker effect. Tear and restore a piece of newspaper - then teach the audience how it works...or so they think! As a bonus learn the classic "Clippo" effect.
    • Penetrating Rubberbands

      Cause two rubberbands to visually penetrate one another. As performed on television by some of the world's greatest magicians, this effect is a must in every magician's repertoire!
    • The Cut and Restored Rope

      Learn the real secrets to the famous cut and restored rope. As a bonus, you will also learn the amazing "Triple Rope Trick", where three ropes magically become one!
    • Sponge Balls

      Learn to master real sleight-of-hand with the amazing magic Sponge Balls. One of the strongest magic effects because the magic seems to happen right in the spectator's hands!
    • Top Secret

      With the Top Secret Vanishing Gimmick and Silk, you will create the illusion of being a master of sleight-of-hand. Objects will appear and disappear from thin air!
    Note: Instructional DVD is included. 
    Skill Level Beginner

    Tags: Toy Magic (Toy, Kits, Puzzles), Beginner, Maynard, Perry, Maynard's Magic

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