Trap Box (T-246) by Tenyo Magic - Trick

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    Place a finger ring or coin inside of the box, close the lid, and allow your audience to hear the object rattle around inside. Suddenly the rattling sound stops, and the box is completely empty! For years, magicians have used such "rattle boxes" in their performances. However this box has been entirely redesigned with a brand new gimmick. The best way to understand how advanced this gimmick has become is to hold it in your own hands. You can immediately hand out the box to a spectator since its clever gimmick is so well-hidden. We consider this to be the ultimate rattle box. Two routines are included: "Instant Ring Transport" in which a ring vanishes from inside the box and instantly appears on your finger, and "Magic Knot" in which a borrowed coin vanishes from the box thanks to a magical handkerchief.

    Effect 1 - Instant Ring Transport
    1. Place a finger ring inside the box and close the lid.
    2. Then wrap it with a rubber band to secure the ring inside.
    3. While your spectator holds the box tightly in his hands, you make a magic gesture over the box. The ring instantly appears on the finger of your hand!

    Effect 2 - Magic Knot
    1. Borrow a coin from a spectator. You can hear it rattle inside the box...
    2. The rattling sound suddenly stops, and the coin has completely vanished!

    English instructions included.
    Skill Level No Skill Required,Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Toy Magic (Toy, Kits, Puzzles), No Skill Required, Beginner, Intermediate, Tenyo Co., Ltd.

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