Next Step by Dennis Friebe - DVD

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    Dennis Friebe's first DVD with four original routines and one republication of an Ed Marlo effect.
    • Four Production Value- Produce four coins at your finger tips with a silk handkerchief.
    • Gypsy Vanish- Vanish four coins inside a silk. Super clean, silk is examinable both hand's empty and sleeves rolled up.
    • 2500 AD - Cups and balls with only three cups and only three balls, for real!
    • Mid Selection - A selected card turns over twice in the center of the deck and then the deck visibly turns face up and the out jogged selection remains face down.
    • Marlo Matrix - Three silver and one copper coin. Classic matrix with amazing principal created by Ed Marlo and spiced up by Dennis.
    What People Are Saying:

    "I enjoyed the off-beat approach you took on your video. Refreshing. Good material, too. "
    - Jon Racherbaumer

    "This is my kind of magic, Visual and to the point!"
    - Jim Pace
    Skill Level Intermediate

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