Shiels Effect and An Evening With Doc Shiels (DVD) - Book

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    This 72 page book (21 cm x 14.5 cm, perfect bound) was originally published in a limited edition. It created a sensation and went out of print very quickly. You could search on eBay and be lucky to find one copy coming up per year and find it sold in the hundreds of dollars.

    The book itself has achieved legendry status. So what great secrets does it contain?

    Well it does cover a section on spoon bending in Chapter One. But this is not a book of mentalism secrets. Any magic store has shelves weighed down with such tomes. Every magician and mentalist's library is full of books and DVDs crammed with the secrets of some of the greatest minds of our craft.
    The Shiels Effect is the book that shows you how to leverage that information. How you can become the stuff of romantic legend ... the next psychic superstar! A top soccer player like David Beckham is on a high salary. But he is able to leverage his position to bring in lucrative multi-million sponsorship deals. So why wouldn't you leverage your skills and talents - the skills you may already have to bring you more publicity, more celebrity status and more income.

    Even if you don't want to achieve all the trappings of international stardom, surely as a performer shouldn't you be seeking to become the local celebrity, so that when they are looking for a service you provide, you are the one who pops into their mind straight away?

    Right here in this book the plan, the mindset are laid bare. The secret ingredients that go to make a psychic superstar. No other book has delved so deeply into the subject of psychic superstardom and how to achieve it. No other book has laid out a step-by-step plan (two separate plans in fact, one for a man and one for a woman).

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