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    Three complete acts for the solo mentalist:


    A Complete 30 Min. "No Prop" Mental Act Using No Gimmicks!

    This remarkable act consists of 7 powerful impromptu effects which play BIG and build to an exceptional finale. Each routine is strong enough to stand alone, so--mix or match, use one of more, add your pet effects, but USe this great material!
    Note: Nudity Not Required.

    • No Nail-writers!
    • No Center Tears!
    • No Copies
    • No Switches!

    Six classics of mentalism make up this beautiful act - in the style of the great Dr. Stanley Jaks. Each effect has been carefully restructured with fresh twists and turns. These are subtle NEW METHODS and SETTINGS. This is a NO CARDS and NO PRE-SHOW act you carry in your pocket.


    • NO Confederates!
    • NO Carbons!
    • NO Palmed or Pocketed Slips!
    This is the EASIEST and possibly the BEST version ever released of the famous Thought Reading part of Dunninger's act. It is trouble-free and highly polished after years of performances at charity and church affairs.

    This is the two-part FULL EVENING'S ENTERTAINMENT that also led to numerous private and TV appearances. NOTHING is being held back!

    Also included! The REAL SECRETS of the lucrative after-show readings and sales.

    Pages 111 - 6" x 9" - PDF Format

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