Safety Net by Richard T Smith & Mike Heesom - Trick

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    As a magician, your hands are your most important tool, so you should do everything you can to protect them.

    During any 'Russian Roulette' routine involving a sharp item under a cup, the element of risk is always there. With The Safety Net, you'll NEVER have to worry!

    The Safety Net includes 4 precision made gimmicks that hide invisibly in the cups used in your routine.

    They're lightweight, allowing your spectator to handle the cups freely and without suspicion. They're white, and semi-translucent, allowing them to blend into the cups invisibly. They are the secret crash helmet for magicians.

    Don't lose your reputation; injure yourself or others; or lose gigs - use The Safety Net.

    Includes 4 gimmicks and an instructional DVD.
    Skill Level No Skill Required,Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced,Expert

    Tags: Utility, Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, No Skill Required, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Apparently Funny Productions

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