The Magicians Micro Magnet kit by Chazpro Magic - Trick

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    • $39.95

    With this exciting new Do-It-Yourself Magic Kit, magicians can make a wide variety of popular tricks worth hundreds of dollars!

    • Magnetic Rope Tricks
    • Magnetic Thumb Tip
    • Magnetic Card
    • Rising Card
    • Haunted Deck
    • Magnetic Pens & Pencils
    • Magnetic Dice
    • Vanishing Coins
    • PK Effects And more!

    This kit features an assortment of specially selected Micro Magnets and custom manufactured shims. The detailed instructions explain how to construct the above tricks and also offers routine suggestions. Magnets are packed in a special daisy wheel plastic case with snap lids, for convenience and safety.
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Utility, No Skill Required, Chazpro Magic & Collectibles

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