Wizard DarK G2 Style Band PK Ring CURVED (size 25 mm, with DVD) - DVD

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    Wizard FX Productions is proud to launch a new era in Wizard PK Rings. Invented by Jim Trainer, the WIZARD PK RING is one of the most versatile utility devices in magic today. The new WIZARD DARK is a 100% neodymium rare earth magnet fashioned into a black contemporary finger or thumb ring.

    Information on the WIZARD DARK and DVD:

    The WIZARD DARK provides a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress that are limited only by your imagination. Included with your ring is a full instructional DVD starring David Penn and Craig Petty who demonstrate some amazing effects that you will be able to perform after very little practice.

    CAP IN BOTTLE - David Penn's handling which is acknowledged by leading professionals as the cleanest method available

    PIERCED - A safety pin visually penetrates a playing card

    WATCH STOP - Stop a spectator's own watch at your command

    KINETIC CUTLERY - Move a fork that is balanced on top of a bottle with the power of your mind

    COIN THRU GLASS - A visual penetration of a glass whilst it is held by a spectator

    "These rings are very cool indeed!"
    - Marc Oberon, World Champion Magician

    "These new Wizard Darks fit in with my style perfectly and it doesn't look like a wedding ring!"
    - Alan Rorrison, Creator of 'Chipped' and the 'Fingers of Fury DVDs'

    Don't know your ring size? No problem! Click here and print the Ring Sizer tool.
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Utility, No Skill Required, Trainer, Jim; Penn, David, World Magic Shop

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