Paper Scissors Rock by Magic Man - Trick

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    Did you enjoy playing Paper Scissors Rock as a kid? Remember the suspense? This has been recreated in a great card effect, and guess what? You will have the fun of continually winning, and your spectator will still love the experience!

    From the creative mind of Magic Man
    Produced by Magiclism Store

    The magician challenges their audience with the classic - Paper Scissors Rock
    The Magician is able to predict and win every single game, and the spectator will never have a chance to win.
    At the end, the spectator will have one more chance to win without the cards, but the magician will STILL win once again!

    - Practical
    - Easy to do
    - Instant reset
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Walk Around Performer, Intermediate, Lee Jah Bond

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