February 25, 2017

    You Are Not Alone!

    C5hWMGTWgAEP9pm 215x300You matter!

    You matter to me!

    If you are overwhelmed and feeling lost please just do two things for me. First, take a breath, push the pause button for a quick ten count. Breath in deep. Then call me, text me, phone me, email me, Facebook me, Tweet me and I will be there. If not me then call 1-800-273-8255.

    My door is open for you proverbially and literally. I have coffee (or beer….or bourbon…just sayin’) and insomnia so whatever the time of day, I am here for you. If you just need to take some time to get away from the rest of the world, there will be no judgement just an ear and a shoulder. I have a guest room and if that ever changes, I will have a couch.

    This morning I awoke to discover that I lost a friend suddenly and tragically. I was overcome with such a depth of sadness and I wept. I wept for the lost chances to have a beer with my friend one more time. My thoughts turned even darker when I began to wonder if I should have been more available. We had made strides to start a project together but with both our busy schedules, I let it slip down my priority ladder and I hadn’t thought about reaching out to him in months.

    My mind raced with thoughts like, “Should I have pushed harder to complete this project?” “Should I have reached out more?”

    You see my friend was not very keen on technology. Even email for this man was a bit stressful. I remember him staying with me and getting excited when he figured out how to email from his phone. He emailed me from the guest room.

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    January 29, 2017

    The Showbiz Master Plan

    JC Sum asked us to review his latest book, The Showbiz Master Plan, and what a pleasure it was. JC has put pen to paper to give all entertainers a step by step guide to creating your brand, making more money, negotiating, even positioning yourself for you big break!

    If you are an entertainer setting your sights on making it big in the world of celebrity, this is the book for you. This book is a must for anyone in entertainment.

    If you would like to win the copy that JC gave us to read, just create a post on Facebook, twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TDAS. We will put your name in our magic top hat and if we pull your name out, we will be sending this book to your with our thanks and our compliments.

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    Well this week saw our first episode of The Dave Attwood Show as Steve and I head back into the studio after a long winter’s rest. We started the show talking about the demise of Christmas, how to properly explain to your brother that his cat has died and my battle with an attic dwelling squirrel that ended in a maelstrom of pink foam insulation. I then really wanted to express something that happened to me over the holidays when I met a co-worker that is “always great”. Maybe we should all take a page from those that walk around with an attitude of gratitude.

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    November 26, 2016

    Matt Johnson

    matt johnsonThis week’s show, we are joined by the hilarious Matt Johnson to talk about his love for Tommy Cooper, some close calls with his death defying water tank escape and the evolution of his performance style leading him to a six year Journey to develop an amazing version of Any Card At Any Number.

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