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    Dave talks about his recent eduvacational trip to Central America with his daughters and how horrible the humidity can be for working on your card techniques.  Their guest this week is the sister magic duo The Magic Of Zanthera, Heather and Sandra McNeill talking about their introduction into magic and how entertainment is a family business.

    Steve starts the show by commenting on Dave’s sport jacket and Dave talks about hooking a brother up with a gig, spreading the  wealth as an entertainer and levitating wine glasses. We are joined in the studio by Jon Allen talking about where he finds inspiration, the difference between an effect and a prop. If you listen closely you can hear the McNeil sisters in the studios with us.

    Dave starts the show by talking about his surprise attendance at the 2017 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. After working through the obstacles that kept Dave away from PCAM, he arrived and the normal shenanigans ensued. Their guest this week is Keith Fields talking about his adventures in busking and carving out an amazing show on the streets.

    Dave and Steve in the studio after Easter and the talk about their love of died hard boiled eggs. They also talk about Dave not being able to attend his favorite magic lecture and they talk about the difference between card juggling and card magic.

    We start off the show by talking about Steve’s angry pimple and Dave talks about the importance of furthering your education and expanding your scope of learning. This week Banachek calls in from Las Vegas to talk about his fascinating childhood and his experience working with The Amazing Randi and fooling scientist out to disprove paranormal powers of the mind.

    Steve continues to suffer with his spring time allergies while Dave ponders continuing to use a rabbit for his act. Our guest this week is the renown Paul Draper talking about his beginning in magic and how to negotiate a great price from the car lot.

    Spring has sprung and Dave and Steve are excited to be talking about the fresh new website and the controversial Daniel Madison. Dave also talks about hot to use gigs as a powerful marketing tool. Our guest this week is Anti-conjurer, Dan Sperry calling us from touring, back stage in Cincinnati talking about his start in magic and his passion for magical livestock.

    This week Steve notices that after 6 months, the studio clock is once again correct after daylight savings and Dave talks about looking at yourself honestly to gauge your personal value as an entertainer. This week, our guest is, illusion builder to the stars, Gerry Frenette.

    We here are so excited to announce the launch of AttwoodMagic.com. AMS now offers over 13,000 unique magic tricks, tutorials, DVDs, streaming downloads, pranks, illusions and books.

    This week, Dave and Steve are so excited to have Kenrick Ice McDonald join them in the studio. This was a powerful conversation where Dave, Steve and Ice talk about race relations, Ice’s lecture tour, magical treason, his time as president of SAM and Slow Rolls and Baby Bounces.

    In the wake of the devastating blow to the magic community, this is a special tribute episode for the Magician’s Magician, Daryl. We have included our 2013 interview with Daryl.

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