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    This week, Dave and Steve talk about an amazing book test that burned Steve and they talk about the new face of Attwood Magic Supplies website. Their guest this week is Matt Johnson calling into the studio to talk about his water tank escape incident on Britain’s Got Talent.

    This week’s episode is a special interview with America’s Got Talent’s first and only magician winner, Mat Franco. Mat talks about his time on AGT as well as his beginnings in magic and the strong support he continues to receive from his family.

    Steve tells us all about waking up and just simply hating the 70’s sitcom, Barney Miller and Dave talks about his latest find from a fellow magician down sizing his magic book collection. Daniel Garcia joins Dave and Steve to talk about creativity in magic and designs an amazing routine for Dave’s show from scratch.

    This week is a very special episode as Dave and Steve sit down with one of the father’s of close-up magic, Michael Ammar. They talk about his time with The Professor Dai Vernon, levitating wine glasses and Michael’s latest project.

    Dave opens the show with a question posed by someone, “Does being a magician make you feel superior?” and Steve and Dave break that question down a bit. Then they are joined by one of the world’s top street performers, Kozmo and he opens up about his beginnings in busking his production company and making allies in the trenches.

    This week Steve tells the world his absolute disdain for card magic and the lack of creativity in pasteboards. Dave and Steve also get a chance to talk to Piff The Magic Dragon as he takes a break from rehearsing with Penn & Teller back stage of the Rio.

    The first episode of The Dave Attwood Show, Dave and Steve talk about their Christmas holidays as well as the upcoming year planned for the newly polished Attwood Magic Studios. Dave walks Steve through the proper way to inform a friend that their cat is dead and talks about his adventure with the families Christmas squirrel. The team at AMS is also excited to announce to opening of the new retail website where we will be supplying you with all you magical needs.

    On the last show of 2016, Steve and Dave talk about making sure you get a deposit for your shows and proper magician etiquette. They also get a call from David Williamson aka Ringmaster Willy, from Syndie Austrailia where he talks about performing with a touring circus and his introduction into the world of magic by Quacky The Clown.

    It snowed at AMS this week and Steve lets us know how unimpressed he is with the winter weather. Dave talks about how connecting with your audience leaves an indelible impression on them and an incredibly easy way to connect with your audience with almost no effort. Our guest this week is comedy magician Michael Finney talking about his life in magic and his kidnapping experience.

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